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Integrated Services

Our Integrated Business Offerings

We offer end-to-end Astro-business solutions for all types of companies such as proprietorship firms, Partnership, Private Ltd and Limited Companies. These solutions are designed to help corporates achieve sustained business growth by providing invaluable business advisory. These solutions are also critical in managing unforeseen crisis and prepare in advance through timely sectoral, national and geo-political updates.

Basic Package

Astro-Strategic Planning:

Following services will be covered:

  • Setting up a new Company/business venture – its analysis and strategies.
  • Detailed analysis of the Company’s Natal Chart & identifying its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (SWOT Analysis).
  • Deciding favourable name of the Company on Astro-numerological principles.
  • Defining Mission & Vision statements of the company keeping in mind the company's goals, potentiality, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats & economic environment where it functions.
  • Advising on the suitability of new line of activity to be undertaken (in case of new ventures or diversification).
  • Acquisitions/purchases & Mergers analysis & strategies.
  • Advising on the marketing strategies by identifying the suitable & favourable target market and areas and directions to focus
  • Growth indication chart for next three years


Following services will be covered:

  • Compatibility analysis of the Head/Owner of the company & the Directors, suitability of partnerships.
  • Detailed horoscope analysis of the Directors & major Shareholders, identifying each individual’s core competence skills, area of caution & favourable periods to decide the area of functioning & involvement
  • Deciding most favourable share holding pattern/partnership ratios to take maximum advantage of the potential charts for business growth

Astro-Remedies & Solutions:

Following services will be covered (wherever required):

  • Name-Number correction
  • Vastu corrections
  • Suitable corrections in your day-to-day affairs creating positive vibes and energy.
  • Wearing suitable Gemstones to strengthen the positive effects of the prosperity giving favourable planets in the Promoters/Directors charts.
  • Offering prayers to the planets causing troubles & losses in Business by chanting Mantra and performing Homa through a qualified expert.
  • Specialised Yantra for the business premises for neutralizing the negative energies caused due to specific planets or Vastu dosha.
  • Giving Alms (Daan) for appeasing the malefic planets.
  • Lal Kitab remedies for neutralising the effects of our past Karma affecting our present business growth.
  • Colour Therapy for generating prosperity-giving energy.
  • Personalised Muhurta for product launch, timing of new deals, partnerships etc

Cost: INR 60,000 (USD 1500)

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Cost: INR 90,000 (USD 2000)

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Standard Package

This will include a personalised consultation with a detailed Astro-Management Consultancy Report (AMCR) which will not only include services provided under Astro-Strategic planning, Astro-Management and Astro-Remedies, but additional services for Astro-Branding will also be provided as under:


Following services will be covered:

  • Deciding a favourable brand name which is unique, powerful & attractive.
  • Designing a powerful theme for Logo on Vedic-Astro principles, choosing favourable colour combinations.
  • Suggestions on designing Visiting cards, Letterheads, Banners, display boards & structure of website.
  • Suggestions on creating an effective Tag line for the Company or its Product range.

Cost: INR 90,000 (USD 2000)

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Premium Package

This will include a personalised consultation with a detailed Astro-Management Consultancy Report (AMCR) which will not only include services provided under Astro-Strategic planning, Astro-Management, Astro-Branding and Astro-Remedies, but additional services for Astro-Staffingand recruitment will be provided as under:

Astro Staffing & Recruitment:

  • Choosing the right person for right role/job in line with company’s business targets and vision (up to four employees)
  • Corporate Employee Scan- Identifying strengths & weaknesses, capability & reliability of senior management employees to handle a particular portfolio (upto four employees)

Cost: INR 120,000 (USD 2500)

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  • The prices mentioned are per session basis wherein clarifications, if any, can be sought within a maximum duration of one month.
  • The mentioned prices are exclusive of GST@18%.
  • The given packages can be altered as per a company's specific needs and requirement
  • Any charges towards travel, accommodation or related activities will be borne by the client.
  • Please read our Disclaimer policy carefully before proceeding with the booking.


Corporate Astrology isa forecasting tool which involves employing Astro-Business Solutions to formulate robust business strategies, provide critical market intelligence and prepare for unforeseen situations that can potentially lead to business disruption and de-growth. It is a viable method to help business owners grow their business in line with the energy of their planets.

Yes. We have a customised monthly newsletter which highlights the sectoral trends and likely developments in the related sector. This is a subscription-based service.

Corporate Astrology can support an organisation’s business growth in two ways:

  1. Business Advisory: By analysing the birth chart of the organisation, its owner, partner (s), investors and other key functionaries, Astrology can provide sound, reliable and credible business advice and solutions relating to the following areas of an organisation:
    • SWOT analysis of the company & its business potential
    • Existing and potential investors
    • Strategic growth decisions
    • New investments
    • Marketing strategy
      • Identifying key markets
      • Consumer segmentation
    • Expansion into new territory (domestic & global)
    • Signing of deals and partnerships
    • Preparing for M&As
    • Staffing and recruitment of key decision makers
    • Generating new business
  2. Crisis Management: A crisis can severely derail an organisation’s business plans. With the help of scientific tools, Astrology can contribute in this area in the following ways:
    • Identification and assessment of potential crisis situation:
      • Health and longevity of the owner
      • Partnership disputes
      • Embroilment in litigation
      • Line of succession & Ownership issues
      • Bankruptcy or delay in payments
      • Unexpected government regulations
      • Bad market reputation due to scams or scandals
      • Natural calamity
    • Crisis mitigation
      • Timely market intelligence – This will analyse geo-political, national and sectoral developments and provide invaluable advance forecasting about future trends
      • Remedial measures involving activation of positive energy of wealth-giving planets