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Natural and Certified Gemstones

Gemstones are reservoirs of energy that is signified by a planet. They hold hidden reserves of energy which can alter the course of our destiny. Gemstones are used to ward off negative influences of malefic planets and enhance the positive effects of benefic planets, thus help us fill our life with success and happiness. Here you are offered a wide range of gemstones – the primary gemstones as well as the semi-precious ones. You can sanitise and purify them and make them a part of your life to fix a variety of problems like lack of opportunities, shortage of wealth and fortune, or simply to ensure all-round well-being and a surge of positivity in your life.



It represents Moon. Wearing a Pearl will help you invite wealth, fortune and fame in your life and keep you happy and cheerful.

Cat’s Eye


It represents Ketu. Wearing a Cat’s Eye will make you feel safe, secure and protected in your life and help you achieve success.



Wearing a Hessonite will help you enhance the positive effects of Rahu in your life such as fame and pursuing your passion.

White Sapphire


It represents Venus. Wearing a White Sapphire will add beauty, love, luxury and glamour to your life and elevate your lifestyle.

Red Coral


It represents Mars. Wearing a Red Coral will improve your self-confidence, execution ability and attain a leadership position.

Yellow Sapphire


Attract the benefits of mighty Jupiter by wearing a Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire. It will help you reach dizzy heights in your career.

Blue Sapphire


It represents Saturn. By wearing a Blue Sapphire, you can dispel the negative effects of an ill-placed Saturn and attract success.



It represents Mercury. By wearing an Emerald, you will able to enhance your personality and strengthen the decision-making skills.



It represents Sun. By wearing a Ruby, you will be able to increase your fame, and enhance your wealth and fortune.



Wearing an Opal will help you attract good fortune, peace, joy, wealth and helps bring your creative abilities to the fore.



By wearing a Zircon, you will be able to attract abundance and prosperity in your life and improve your relations with family.

White Coral


Wearing a White Coral will strengthen your immunity and restore peace of mind and positivity in your life.